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Snuggle Me Pure Co-Sleeping Lounger, 100% Cotton, Newborn - 6 Months
Snuggle Me

Snuggle Me Pure Co-Sleeping Lounger, 100% Cotton, Newborn - 6 Months

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The Snuggle Me is the original, award-winning, multi-functional lounging and co-sleeping system for babies 0-6 months old. For 10 years the Snuggle Me has been recommended by natural birth professionals, pediatric chiropractors, and yoga practitioners. Snuggle Me is unique because of it's their patented center sling which is slightly raised and unpadded. When baby is laid on top of the Snuggle Me, the sides will gently pull in to give baby the sensation of a hug. For baby, it tames the moor reflex that can cause them to startle awake. It also provides the familiar feeling of confinement that allows baby to sleep in more solid stretches. The Snuggle Me is perfect for babies who refuse to sleep anywhere but a parents arms, resist sleep in the back position or wake as soon as they are laid down. Additionally, the Snuggle Me is a closed system, which ensures baby remains in their safe sleep space, maintains a healthy neutral spine, and securely fits baby so they cannot roll or flip in the bed itself.

The Snuggle Me Organic Pure is hand-filled with raw organic cotton, grown in the USA. The cushion shell is made with 100 percent organic cotton twill and comes with a removable organic cotton cover. All materials are chemical and flame retardant-free and produced and sewn in the US.

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