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Constructive Eating

At Constructive Eating, we strive to make products that combine fun with function.  Our utensils, plates, place mats and transforming lunch totes are all designed to both be fun for children and to help keep them engaged during meal times.
Constructive Eating began when one of the founder’s children fell in love with construction equipment at a young age.  The stage knew no boundaries.  Anything and everything became focused on construction.  The family room became home to road graders, dump trucks and tower cranes.  The bedroom became filled with construction themed carpets, shirts and sheets.   Before long, their child was asking to put Cheerios on the floor to act as rubble for his bulldozer.  This made them ponder…  What if breakfast, lunch and dinner could become “rubble?”  What if forks, spoons and pushers were the “machines?”  The parents put on their entrepreneurial hardhats, designed the fleet of Construction Utensils and began Constructive Eating.
Since those early days, Constructive Eating has added several award-winning products.  The Garden Fairy Utensils embrace creative play both away from, and at, the table.  The Construction and Garden Fairy Plates have features that work cooperatively with the utensils to help children be more independent with their meals.  The Construction Worksite Placemat and the Garden Fairy Placemat enable children to easily set their own place at the table.  The Transforming Lunch Totes make the fun mobile and offer a colorful eating surface wherever meal time may occur.  The Fairy Doll Plush and the Front Loader Plush make great companions away from the table.
As Constructive Eating has grown, we have placed as much manufacturing as we can within the United States.  This is an important tenet for us and also helps us feel confident that the manufacturing of our utensils, plates and place mats is safe.  We feel this is particularly important since our products involve young children and their food.
Although Constructive Eating has been fortunate to grow, it is still owned and run by the same parents whose young child inspired them to start the business.  And those parents are still designing and manufacturing products that continue to help parents like themselves have fun and productive mealtimes with their children.
We hope the kids in your life love our products and that a little constructive play with their food will help the peas go down!