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Bormioli Rocco

Based in the heart of Manhattan, on the edge of beautiful and historic Madison Square Park, our offices are perched on the 16th floor of 41 Madison Avenue with striking and inspiring views of the Empire State Building.
Our North American business is fueled by our Italian heritage but also by the energy and heartbeat of New York - the people, the diversity, and the food & wine culture.
As you might imagine, food and wine are very important to us. We love food and drinks made with exceptional ingredients, the stories behind their creations and especially the places where they originated. What we love about food is its capacity to bring people together around the table to share different perspectives and experiences. We all love Italian food, but we also enjoy food from cultures around the world - from sushi to tapas to tacos. Our obsession with the food and wine scene also means that we can be very particular about our favorite wines and being sure to use the appropriate wine glass for each vintage. We never make a mistake when it comes to choosing the right shape. 
One of the reasons we love working at Bormioli Rocco is the people and having the everyday fusion of American and Italian culture. We're excited to share our Italian heritage with you!